Royal Capital

Transcending time

Swedish tradition

Design that whispers

Stockholm Sweden


Swedish luxury is not measured in abundance or material wealth, but is rather about freedom, sensuality and experiences in nature. Here, sleeping beneath a winter sky easily trumps show-off diamonds or any bombastic bravado. This pastoral mindset, so prevalent at northern latitudes, is also reflected in the thriving Scandinavian design, which embraces minimalism, simplicity and functionality.

Royal Capital is a natural extension of these values. Combining a tranquil appearance with great functionality, such as 10 ATM, double-domed anti-reflective glass and a 6.8 mm slim, smooth body, this is Swedish luxury in all its low-key splendor.

Swiss Perfection

The art of a movement

Sjöö Sandström/Vaucher


A giant leap for Swedish watchmaking, we are enormously proud to be part of the legacy of the Vaucher families who have been crafting watches in Fleurier, Switzerland, since the mid 18th century. Movement caliber 5401, which is the backbone of Royal Capital, owes its unparalleled qualities to this heritage and to the uncompromising precision that is the trademark of Switzerland, the nation that turned engineering into an art form.

The achievement of an exclusive partnership between Sjöö Sandström and Vaucher, Royal Capital is an unprecedented creation in which Swedish design and Nordic traditions meet Swiss perfection. The result is an extraordinary work of art that transcends time.

The birth of a new era

A new level of exclusivity

The art of manufacturing clocks and watches has a long and proud standing in Sweden. In the middle of the 19th century, for example, Viktor Kullberg gained worldwide reputation for his pocket watches and naval chronometers. Building on this tradition, Royal Capital intermingles time-honored knowledge with the kind of luxury that defines its native country.

The result is a watch that takes Swedish watchmaking to a whole new level of exclusivity.

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A rare gem

Vaucher movement caliber 5401 provides the backbone of Royal Capital. This unique combination marks the first time ever that a Swedish watchmaker has been chosen to collaborate with Vaucher Manufacture, one of the world’s most renowned creators of exclusive movements.

At 2.6 mm, caliber 5401 is an extra-thin movement that smoothly combines finesse and robustness. A rare gem with an exceptionally high level of finishing.


Royal Capital comes in two different case materials, 18K 5N rose gold or stainless steel.

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